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Since our formation, Sarooj has been always led by a strong vision to not only succeed on our own, but to help those around us succeed in the contribution to creating a strong local  economy and building a better world.


As a result, managing and creating strong, healthy and prosperous relationships are the lifeblood of Sarooj. We take enormous pride in the way that we manage all of our relationships and strive to understand and deliver on the needs of all of our stakeholders.


As we look ahead, our Vision, Mission and Values set a course for us to maintain a strong position and to continue creating thriving relationships, whilst reminding us to endeavor upon the ideals that we were built from. Our Vision, Mission and Values aims to foster a culture which supports a common purpose and simplifies thousands of decisions in pursuit of setting an excellent standard in the industry.


With our proud history and our bright Vision, we will strive to recruit the best people who will work tirelessly in pursuit of making a great contribution to the region, whether this is through improving local communities; promoting employee wellbeing; fostering local enterprise and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive on their own and supporting a range of patrons through the wide geographical spread of our contracts.


Profitability ensures the continual growth and sustainability of our business and generates value to all our stakeholders.

Our team utilizes Sarooj’s Values, their extensive experience, and the latest modern tools to ensure that our performance is optimized and beneficial to us, to our clients, and to our environment


Every action we take is considered for its long term impact and value to society.

We are committed only to those actions which provide sustainable growth  for our business, our clients, our people, and the region.

We aim to use the best resources and methods which aim to deliver sustainability from productivity.

We are dedicated to delivering work, which at its core is always sustainable.


Creating safe and productive operating environments is paramount to the work that we do.

We are committed to ensuring that all employees return home safely.

We behave ethically and have the courage to speak up when we witness events that jeopardize our values.

We consistently strive to deliver all commitments on time.

Performing effectively & efficiently is at the forefront of what we do.

We always demonstrate accountability.

We commit to undertake all work with passion and dedication so as to consistently perform at the highest level.



Our team’s focus is and will always remain on our projects and our customers.

We take pride in our ability to provide value added services to our customers through our extensive local knowledge and our innovative proprietary value engineering initiatives.



​We are committed to developing ourselves to attract and recruit and retain the best talent in the region.

Our top priorities remain to ensure that our teams are coherent and that each individual is committed to the group effort.

We develop and grow our people from within, fostering a positive attitude to self-development, learning, and teamwork.

We act as one team, we actively listen, accept big challenges and behave proactively at all times.

We go the extra mile to assist each other in order to build trust in our collective capabilities.

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