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Incidents are sad events as they bring harm to people, their health, their assets, or the environment they live in.


Actually, the sad effects of these incidents generally extends to their families, their friends, and their loved ones.  


This fact, however, should not deter us from persisting in our endeavours to eliminate incidents and mitigate their negative consequences by insisting on implementing comprehensive HSE system and plans. This is an absolute priority for all and it remains everybody's responsibility.


It is not a pleasant activity to investigate them nor are the findings as they usually highlight failures somewhere.


Nevertheless, we have to keep doing them in order to acquire further knowledge and improve accordingly. That may be the sad side of the coin.


Fortunately, there is some joy as well in this exercise. When we think that all these efforts and controls may have saved a worker's fingers or even his life, then we are happy and feel well rewarded.


It is our duty to continue caring about people, their health, and the environment in the workplace and outside it. We would be driven by the real opportunity of joy and satisfaction when we mitigate them and not be complacent when they do not occur. 

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