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Sarooj is a company born in Oman, and as such In Country Value is Omnipresent within our DNA and embedded into our Vision.

The three key areas where Sarooj focuses its effort towards adding value to Oman are the following:

1. Procuring Services and Goods locally. 


For every contract awarded in Oman, the contractor is expected to guarantee that 30% of the contract value is spent within Oman. Sarooj strives to go above this minimum requirement as a business and has proudly exceeded this requirement across its various contracts year after year:


2. Recruiting, Training, and upskilling Omani Workforce.

The term Omanisation is used to determine the percentage of National workforce in the Company's total workforce. All companies in Oman are bound by law to achieve a certain percentage based on their core business.

Sarooj's efforts in that regard do not stop at complying with this requirement but go the extra mile in ensuring the progression of this workforce throughout its Business. Over the past few years Sarooj has witnessed major progress in this metric and will continue to focus on and improve its training and upskilling programs to improve these results.

3. Developing local SMEs and LCCs.

Sarooj throughout its years of operation has directly contributed to the development and guided the growth of many SMEs and LCCs across Oman. These companies have now grown into independent Medium sized enterprises who can do a variety of works across Oman.

Highlighted below are a few examples:

  • Mazyouna Crushers

  • Ali Belhaf

  • Sadd Sarooj


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